Friday, May 13, 2011

Heh. Idiots.

Recent post by Tom Jones at SoCal/Tamara's "Still Standing" psychofant hive:

I don't know if socal will post for a while or not.
She is busy with attorney stuff, they are still in the beginning stages of it all.
These things can take a while.
I shaved some time and money off her situation by giving her the numbers that Wikt and H4K called me from.
If you think I'm bull dogging for socal, fine.
I'm just telling you all what I know and feel.
Jinx, I'm sending you my number tonight.
I can answer most of your questions in person easier.
They didn't find socal directly, but they did find some relatives.
They have been tormenting her family, making calls to the IRS and making false claims to MSCO about her and me.
The trashey site is just that, trashey.
They are trying to get even with anyone who ever posted against the twins.
It seems to work with the people who are in this for the drama the best.
The memory challenged and the easily buffalloed will follow them and believe all they say.
Im not bull dogging for socal, just telling what I know.
I have never spoken a word to Chana, just texts.
If socal is Chana and she is Tamara, if she does have kids and has lied to me, she is real good at not slipping up with contradicting information or details.
Quite frankly, if she is full of crap, and all that your all concerned about is true.
So what! Turn the page and continue on about Kyron.
It won't make a bit of difference to me who is who, nothing she has ever said has had a bearing on the case.
It is all just a distraction and something more for the creepy supportertards to use to keep attention somewhere else.
Socal is not important to the Kyron horman/ Terri/ Dede situation at all.
Nor am I, or any of you.
 And another:

A rhetorical question for all readers.
If you were socal, and you were guilty of anything the trashey site has accused you of being would you hide?
If you were guilty of pissing off people with lies, easily proved lies, and bringing down trouble on some of your family and their businesses and other loved ones, would you do anything?
She has pulled herself out of the crap going on here in cyber-space and has gone proactive.
She has gone to the expence of a lawyer and a detective and she is going straight for the throat.
The forum is not big on her mind right now, none of your questions matter right now, they will be answered later if you care to wait it out.
She has found herself dealing with reality.
My money is on socal and that she has what it takes to shut them down.
I think she is telling me the truth.
Who wants to bet?
I don't think she would be so dumb as to waste that kind of money on a lawyer if she was lying. She is going to the source with those brassknuckles on.
And here's the reality about how conversations with attorneys go in libel cases:

Tamara to her lawyer: "Mr. Lawyer, I want to make someone stop saying that my fake internet profile is someone else and not me (even though I don't want anyone to know the true identity of my fake profile.). I am willing to pay $250+ dollars an hour for you to make them stop this, but don't use my real name on any court documents. Yeah, that's right. Just record my name as SoCaldreamer."

Lawyer:  "Certainly Ms. Dreamer. We will need a $30,000 retainer to get started. You do understand that before I attach my name to this case, though, I'll have to investigate your claims, as I don't want my prestigious firm to be attached to a frivolous lawsuit based on nothing but your butthurtedness at being outed on the internet. So give me the names of the people who you feel libeled you, as well as your internet history so that I can verify your claims. As for the retainer...will that be check or cash?"

Tom Jones' imagination vs. reality

Tom Jones' description of SoCal, posted Thursday:

Socal is twenty five years old.
Remember being that young?
She is almost a kid still.
She is a slim blonde, runs and exercises, surfs and has a proacitve personality.
She does not have kids and her boobs are too big.
Take my word for it as a guy, she is a chick.
I mean no disrespect.
Word to socals hubby.

<----So, according to Tom Jones' imagination, this is SoCal.

And then there's reality - a photo publicly posted by Tamara Merrill herself, which she never thought anyone would be able to attach to the email, which she also publicly posted. ---->

And, below, another of what appears to be Tamara Merrill (judging by the rubenesque/portly, similar body type to other photos), also posted publicly by Tamara, with the myopic intention that no one would be able to attach her publicly posted email the the public photobucket where she posted it.

And more recently on the left, in what appears to be Tamara's favorite hoodie, as she wears it all the time in every more recent photo (also from her recently public photobucket, attached to her socalbreeze email):

So yeah, you be the judge. Hmmm.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If SoCal is not Tamara Merrill, as her PSYCHOfant Tom Jones says....

...then I'd love for Tom Jones to explain why SoCal posted a photo of Tamara's daughter Brittany Merrill (the infamous green flipflop photo) as a photo of herself? Explain how she used two email addresses which trace to Tamara Merrill: and

She solicited people to email her at those addresses, and received email at those could she accomplish this feat if she is not Tamara Merrill, who owns both email addresses?

And, as far as a lawsuit goes (hahaha): Explain how she intends to answer the respondents' attorneys' questions once depositions begin, considering the very public claims she made about being an insider in the case, about being a rock star, among other ludicrous stuff she posted.

Oh, and then there's her blog, on which she bullied people in very disgusting ways.

And I've not even mentioned her forum, with the "hidden back room" that will be open to discovery, once this suit gets rolling.

Tom, you must thing that the world is populated by the same ratio of  idiots with which you choose to surround yourself  in SoCal's fold.  Really, most people are much more objective than your limited comprehension allows you to see.

Looking forward to reading your answers.  Other than that, I'm completely bored with these people, and I think just about everyone else is, too. But I'll probably keep adding stuff from SoCal's history in the Kyron case, just so it keeps appearing on page one of this blog, to make it easier for Tamara's attorney to see what kind of client he's taking on.  (hhhhahahaha)

Friday, May 6, 2011

One member of Seal Team Six had four legs.

I just read a really great article about the canine member of Seal Team Six, which raided Osama Bin Laden's compound earlier this week.

Did you know that military dogs of this caliber are often equipped with titanium fangs to tear through protective body armor? I didn't.

No one will give a shred of info about the dog that helped in the mission deep inside Pakistan, but it's assumed that the dog was most likely a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepherd.


Osama Bin Laden's final Facebook status